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Jannou employs value-add and opportunistic strategies to generate above average, riskadjusted returns for its investors. In our hospitality business, we focus on value niches and strong locations. We differentiate ourselves through superior design and branding, something sorely lacking in Africa.


For our commercial developments, we work with a formidable tenant base of international brands looking to become early movers in the Africa opportunity. That means we work closely with companies to target priority cities and locations.


Our structure as a privately held company allows for flexibility to underwrite and execute deals of all asset types, sizes and structures in order to secure the best opportunities in the market. Central to Jannou’s investment strategy is value creation through distinctive design and branding. Jannou has been recognized in the industry as a leading innovator in design, hospitality and sustainable development in three continents.


By fusing creative design with an agile investment and development discipline, Jannou has s built a signature brand translatable across its properties. Jannou is the force behind the origination and development of The Urban Hotel Group, Urban Lofts, Urban Works and other signature developments.


  • Hotels
  • Long-Stay Apartments
  • Collaborative Workspaces
  • Next-Generation Retail
  • Branded Real Estate
  • Student Housing
  • Green Building
  • Branding
  • Dreaming
  • Executing