The Internationalists | Founder
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FOUNDER: Christopher Jannou

  • In 1994, he wrote, produced and performed the #3 Dance Record in the world (“Release Me” by Industry, MCA Records)
  • He once paid $14,500 in parking tickets
  • He was voted ‘Most Influential Producer’ by Boards Magazine, 2004.
  • His restaurant Metropol was voted #1 Bistro, Downtown Manhattan, Village Voice 2005
  • Malaria: 3 times
  • As a Prince of the Royal Mtambe Establishment (Bemba tribe), he danced twice at his official ceremony
  • He speaks three languages (Spanish, French and English). Learning Swahili.
  • Two children (boys)
  • Two horses
  • Nine toes
  • One coffee
  • Two glasses of per night (red)